Part Truck Load

Part Truck Load is the best option when your goods are not large enough for a full truck but suitable for a partial load making your consignment very low on the pocket. The freight picked up across the interiors of the country are transported in a Hub & Spoke model so as to ensure safe delivery to their respective domestic destinations. The partial truck loaders can avail our tracking services which is well-suited for both small business and corporate businesses.

Full Truck Load

We provide our customers the service of carrying homogeneous cargo to one single destination. The freight once loaded is not handled en route and is transported by the operational experts in a secure fashion at periodic intervals. Minimum 8 tons of freight is loaded for a full truck load.

Parcel Transport Services

Ghatge Patil Transport provides parcel transportation and door deliveries to our customers revamping the service with every order and expanding the network to deliver happiness at your doorstep

  • Parcel Transport

  • Part Loads

  • Full Truck Load Transport

  • Chartered Vehicles on Demand

  • Proof of Delivery on Demand

  • Customized Transportation Services

  • Computerized Tracking Of Consignments